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Here it is - Capes Optional [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Capes Optional

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Here it is [Dec. 17th, 2006|05:30 am]
Capes Optional


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I've finally gotten around to finishing this. It's not exactly Robin's background. Why? Because everyone knows Robin's back story. It's more of a background for Capes Optional, with Robin leading the charge.

So, The story for CO!Robin starts off like nearly every other Robin’s tale. The young Dick Grayson, taken under the wing of Bruce Wayne after his parents’ death on the trapeze, becomes Robin, Batman’s faithful sidekick. After a number of years, Batman becomes part of the Justice League. Unfortunately for Robin, the League has an age restriction of 21 that the Boy Wonder is just a few years shy of.

Incensed, Dick sets off on his own, determined to form a team of his own; a team of young super heroes. In doing so, he cast off his traditional uniform, save the mask, cape, and utility belt, opting for something simpler. He made use of Bruce’s Bat cave-adjacent computer, looking up potential team members. At first, he was surprised at the number of results, but knew he shouldn’t have been, seeing as how that computer was linked directly to the Justice League’s computers.

His information gotten, both on paper and an electronic notebook, he set off. Before leaving, though, he left instructions for Alfred, to mail off a few items. These were small disks with an R impressed on them that, when pressed, opened to reveal a small, holographic message from Robin himself, inviting the receiver to join him. One was to travel to Keystone City, another to Star City, one to John Stewart with special instructions, and another with similar instructions to go to Diana Prince. With all that done, he really set off. Kansas, watch out.


"They Meet"

His destination was Smallville, Kansas. Taking his R-Cycle, he left for Kansas, with a bit of cash to get by. The road was long, but his bike was more than trustworthy. It required no fuel, as the front wheel ran the electric engine, and the back wheel simultaneously recharged said engine. The trip wasn’t as long as it could have been, as he traveled most of the day and night, taking little time to sleep. If he hadn’t ditched his mask and cape for the trip, he would have gotten a few stares.

After a few days’ travel, he reached a small farm in Kansas. It was quaint. Very warm, that farm. An old, slightly rusting mailbox in the drive way read KENT. This one couldn’t be brought over by a simple invite. This was personal. This was a friend.

Robin cut his engine, stepping off of his cycle. The sun properly hit his eyes after his helmet was removed. The green lens really did cut out all the glare. Rubbing the gathering moisture from his eyes, Robin stood away from his bike, taking a good look about.

“Can I help you?” came an elderly woman’s voice. Robin turned, looking now at the old house’s porch.

“Mrs. Kent!” replied Robin, running his fingers through his mussed black hair as he made his way toward the adopted mother of Superman. “It’s been a long time.”

“Dick? Dick Grayson? Well bless me! Come here and let me have a look at you!” She met Robin at the foot of the stairs, placing strong old hands on his shoulders. He stood a few inches taller than she, but she still seemed more impressive.

“It has been a while, Mrs. Kent. Is Conner around?” he wasted no time. He needed an answer. Small talk with Ma Kent could wait.

“My, how you’ve grown.. oh, yes. Conner,” She shook her head, as if regaining a clearer train of thought, and turned her head to yell in the direction of the old barn, “Conner! You’ve got a visitor!” Conner came from inside the house, his boots making a heavy, dull noise against the worn, blue porch. He was impressive to look at, by anyone’s standards. He stood there, wearing a pair of faded, torn jeans, and a whit t-shirt stretched over his young, Adonis-like upper body. On the shirt were a few pieces of hay, which he promptly brushed off.

“Well if it isn’t ol’ Dick Grayson. Good to see you pal.” He grinned lazily, jumping down the steps to shake his friends hand.

“Likewise, friend.” Robin returned the handshake, matching Conner’s grin with one of his own. They stood there for a moment after the shake was done, sizing one another up, as they had done on their first meeting. This time, there was a friendlier mood about.

“Well, come in, come in. Don’t feel right just standin’ about.” Said Ma Kent, ushering the two into the house. Inside, they both sat, across from each other, in large old chairs in the living room. Ma Kent headed into the kitchen, returning soon after with a glass of lemonade for Robin. He took it with a gracious nod, and sipped, then turning his attention to Conner.

“I’m forming a team,” he said, setting the tall glass on the handsome table a few inches away. “I want you in on it. Rather, I need you in on it.” He sat back a bit, his gaze meeting Conner’s

“A team, huh?” asked Conner, leaning forward. He had a look on his face, a look that told Robin he was calculating the sheer idea. “Why do you need me? Bait? To attract other members? I bet anyone’d join a team with me on it, eh?”

“That’s not it, Conner, and you know it,” retorted Robin, a little annoyed at his reply. “You’re strong, and you would make this team strong. That, and I trust you.” He left it at that.

“Uh-huh. So, who else you got on this team so far?”

“Just me. I came here in person to get your answer. Seemed fitting. I’ve got invites going out to a few more possible teammates. So, how about it?”

“Well, I dunno. What’s the dress code? I don’t feel too keen on slippin’ inta any blue tights like Uncle Clark. Not a fan of capes, either.”

“Well, this is just the team for you.” Chuckled Robin. He reached into a backpack he’d brought with him, and tossed Conner a bit of dark fabric. He caught it and held it up, examining it. It was a large, black t-shirt, with the S most commonly known for Superman emblazoned on the chest of the shirt in dark, bold red.

“I like it,” grinned Conner, laying the shirt over his shoulder. “Count me in, Boy Wonder.”

Ignore the fact that nothing seems indented. It's LJ, if the indentions don't show up.

I'm not sure who's background is coming next. It's either going to be Chara's(wonder girl) or Bobby's(Sentry/Green Lantern).

So long for now!